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Summer Storms and Rocking Rivers

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The Djabe special guest Steve Hackett live recordings from 2011 Bratislava released on double vinyl only in 2013 by Gramy Records. In 2017 Esoteric Antenna, label of Cherry Red Records releases it on CD + DVD box in extended version.




Djabe: New Dimensions Update Live

Djabe stepped on stage with a renewed line-up in October, 2016. Founder of the band, Attila Égerházi (guitar) and musical director Tamás Barabás (bass guitar) refreshed the band along the guidelines of their high standards.

Recording of the album took place at the new line-up’s first ever concert at Columbus Jazz Club in Budapest, Hungary on the 26th October, 2016, where the audience could experience the quality of the renewed Djabe.

Now this experience is available to you, by favor of our publisher.




First official video from the very first gig of the New Dimensions Update line-up.

The 24 track analogue recording will be released on High End quality vinyl record.

Djabe: New Dimensions Update Live LP (+ 24/96 HiRes Audio download)
Limited 300 copies worldwide.

Release date: 2017. március 17.

László N. Göbölyös –
Djabe 20 év szabad hangjai

The book introducing the first 20 years of Djabe got published. On 344 pages, with nearly 900 color photos and a hard cover, all of these books are numbered personally by band leader Attila Égerházi.




Djabe – Sheafs are dancing -
studio and live (2016 edition)

2 CD mediabook GR-125

In autumn 2016 one of the most prominent album of Hungarian music history, the ’Sheafs are dancing’ CD Deluxe re-release hit the shelves of local stores – the 2003 album was one of the best release of Djabe to date. The compositions were inspired by paintings of artist Imre Égerházi which gave the album unique importance. The editorial concept followed the ’one painting, one track’ policy and consists of compositions of bass guitarist Tamás Barabás and guitarist Attila Égerházi. The band succeeded in mirroring the visual thoughts of the painter, with sounds ’painted across’ the canvases, and moved the visual experience further. The tracks echo the spirit of the Great Hungarian Plain, the Transylvanian landscape, or the field trips to Italy, Bulgaria, Poland and France. Djabe received numerous foreign invitations with the album and this was the beginning of international career for the band.



20 Dimensions DVD-Audio released!

As accustomed to Djabe the albums are available in both surround and stereo versions.

The 24 bit/96kHz MLP 5.1, MLP 2.0 tracks are sounding like the original studio recordings. In addition to MLP, DTS 5.1 and PCM 2.0 audio options are also available.

The DVD-Audio with the studio recordings is paired with a DVD-Video disc which contains a one hour version of the album premiere concert of April 1, 2016. For extra content the disc contains a collage of tour videos captured on Super8 and features all the Transition tracks as soundtrack for the movie. This film is interesting not just because it gives an opportunity to take a sneak peek into the band’s life behind the scenes but all 9 Transitions can be heard as one continuous track.



Djabe 20 Dimensions

2016 studio album of the band celebrating its 20th Anniversary

The studio album of 2016 made in the innovative spirit accustomed to Djabe. Compared to the previous album ‘Forward’ recorded in tandem with the Miskolc Symphonic Orcestra ‘20 Dimensions’ emphasize on the acoustic and fusion vein of the band, with added modern electronica. The disc features 20 tracks or dimensions with a framed structure. At the beginning formulates the basics of dimensions, the concept of the album while the final, no. 20 track colligates with a philosophic view and the angle for continuation.



Djabe: Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya

Anniversary DVD re-release of the band’s album nominated for the Hungarian Music Award from 1999.

GR-120-3,  DVD Audio/Video

The new 24 bit / 96kHz mix of the third Djabe studio album is one of the best in the Djabe's history.
Both stereo and surround version will be test material at the High End auditoriums and tests

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Djabe: Witchi Tai To 2015 edition

GR-111-5, Deluxe Media book,
64 pages, LP size – 2CD, 2 DVD

"The monstre re-release of the award-winning Djabe album of 1998, which is considered a milestone to jazz/world music has come out. The mediabook packed four discs with the remixed version of “Witchi Tai To” contains more than three hours of previously unreleased extra material."

Bese Jozefák László - Ellensúly

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Djabe: Live in Blue with Steve Hackett, Gulli Briem and John Nugent
New 20th Anniversary concert series

This is the first episode of the Live in Blue LP, 2CD, DVD, Blu-ray and five disc box series. Each release will contain minimum one track is not can be found on the other discs.
felállásból ad izgalmas ízelítőt.

The Blu-Ray disc is presenting you the legendary surround live concert's musical and audiophile experience in it's full glory or more!

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