9:30 collective

The story of The 9:30 Collective dates back to 1998, when the band released its first album in Hungary, which received an unusually intensive media response for a jazz album. The teeming lineup has only made a limited number of live appearances, one of which was at the first Hungarian Jazz Festival. The show was televised in a separate program on National TV.

This period was followed by a six year creation phase, during which the recording sessions of the new album took place, involving a growing number of contributors each year. First in Budapest, Hungary, where the Hungarian and American players were recorded, then in Warsaw, Poland to record Kris Scieranski and where the mixing was also done, and finally in Melbourne, Australia, where the album attained its final sonic character.

The payoff is an impeccably sounding, up-to-date, yet still "listenable" album and on top of it all, a little story about what a jazz album's way to the commercial media could look like. A cartoon based on the story will also be created, which will be presented at the shows of The 9:30 Collective as well as separately on television. The cartoon will be produced by the Balfilm team, which was nominated for the 2005 Spring FlashForward Award in San Francisco. There will also be a video clip based on the cartoon and a video recording of a live performance of the album at the Budapest Autumn Festival on the 21st of October 2005.

The current lineup of Djabe are:

Desney Bailey (USA) - vocals
Kozma Orsi - vocals
Tisza Bea - vocals
Winand Gábor - vocals
Norbert Marius (USA) - electric bass guitar
Krzysztof Scieranski (PL) - electric bass guitar
Szappanos György - electric & acoustic bass guitar
Hárs Viktor - acoustic upright bass & electric bass guitar
Nagy János - keyboards
Mohai Tamás - guitars
Frankie Látó - diabolic violin & sub-human scat
Zsemlye Sándor - soprano & alto sax
Födõ Sándor - percussion
Kovács "Tobzi" Tamás - percussion
Huszár Endre - acoustic drums, keyboards, synth programming, jew's harp

Momentary Fame / 2005 GR-062

Official homepage: www.930collective.com

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