Muck Ferenc

After completing his studies at Liszt Ferenc College for Music Arts majoring in clarinet and its Faculty of Jazz majoring in saxophone (1982), he takes an active part in the hungarian music scene. He worked on hundreds of albums and concerts of bands like LGT, Hungaria and Tankcsapda.

He was member of Rock Theater led by Várkonyi Mátyás up to 1989. He took part in international jazz festivals with Pege Aladár from 1986 up to 1989 and in EBU festivals in Strassbourg, Helsinki, Tallin, etc. as solist. He won the award of instrumental performer (1990-1992) more times and the Emerton Price (1990). In 1992 he was the winner of the Festival with his own song, with Besenyõ Blues Band, recorded some CDs abroad, e.g. with the Jammin in Switzerland.

From 1991 he is the saxophonist of 'RABB' and leader of 'Muckshow' from 1995. In 1994 he played on the CD of 'Novus Jam' called Profiles.

He took an active part in recording section of the first CD of Djabe, than he joined the band in January 1997. He quit the Djabe in 2000.


Muck Ferenc - Karácsonyi Történetek / 1996 GR-005
Muckshow - A kávéd az pocsék, de... / 1997 GR-009

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