Zexattt3 Band

Zexattt3 Band undertakes what is not usually undertaken: pure humour. The first CD of the band with a history of 20 years is a long-needed publication, since non-parody-like constructive music is currently not available in Hungary. But now, here is Zexattt3 Band! Their production spanning over different styles makes your diaphragm work hard, but sometimes you can hear embarrassingly professional musical solutions, at places, featuring excerpts from the archives of the band, embracing 20 years.

The basic line up are Égerházi Attila (Djabe) and Zeke László, who is also known to the public as a writer, Miru György (KLTE) candidate, Rácz Tamás (Novus Jam) and Papp Zoltán. Guest musicians on the album: Muck Ferenc, Sipos András, Barabás Tamás and Gyulai Zsolt (not for sale).


Zexattt3 Band - Teljes agyfogyatkozás / 1999 GR-016
Zexattt3 Band - Nagyon fasza lemez / 2005 GR-057

Horgas Eszter
Steve Hackett (Wolfwork Records)
Kovács Ferenc
Muck Ferenc
Mohai Gábor
Gesztelyi Nagy Judit
Herczeg Judit
Novus Jam
Zexattt3 Band
Johanna Beisteiner
Ewald Brass Quintet
9:30 Collective
Szőke Nikoletta


- Abbey Road
- Steve Hackett
- Gramofon