Gesztelyi Nagy Judit

"Flute-playing by Gesztelyi Nagy Judit reaches a high technical and musical level, and is in particular very personal. It is my conviction that she is one of the most talented member of her generation who, in addition to being an outstanding musical instrumentalist, highly outgrows the average in intellectual terms too, and is gifted with unique artistic capabilities."

Matúz István


Gesztelyi Nagy Judit - Karácsonyi Album / 1993 GR-001

Horgas Eszter
Steve Hackett (Wolfwork Records)
Kovács Ferenc
Muck Ferenc
Mohai Gábor
Gesztelyi Nagy Judit
Herczeg Judit
Novus Jam
Zexattt3 Band
Johanna Beisteiner
Ewald Brass Quintet
9:30 Collective
Szőke Nikoletta


- Abbey Road
- Steve Hackett
- Gramofon